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Terms and Conditions for Professional Performance Licenses of stage works

Lazy Bee Scripts Performance Rights Terms and Conditions
1. What we provide
 License to perform a script, in whole or in part
 Writers of plays get most of their income from performance royalties. Each time a script is performed, the author is entitled to a royalty fee.
2. Availability
 Performance licences are only available to individuals and groups who have previously purchased master copies or performance sets of scripts from Lazy Bee Scripts.
3. Royalty Fees for Professional Performance
 Unless agreed otherwise, professional performances are charged a royalty fee of 7% of total income from ticket sales (or equivalent) plus (where applicable) VAT.
 Where the performing company performs to non-paying audiences (e.g. theatre-in-education), the royalty fee is 7% of total income associated with the production (including, but not limited to, fees, grants, bursaries and donations).
 The Customer shall declare gross box office earnings (or equivalent) to Lazy Bee Scripts within 7 days of the last performance or within 7 days of the end of each month for a show with a run of more than one month
 On receipt of the declaration, Lazy Bee Scripts will issue an invoice for the license fee. The invoice shall be paid within 28 days.
4. What counts as a performance?
 Any performance in front of an audience requires the permission of the rights holder, for which the rights holder is entitled to set a performance royalty.
 Rehearsals do not count as performances but...
 If you allow an audience (other than people directly involved in the show as actors or production crew) to see a rehearsal, this counts as a performance and is liable for performance royalties. (Some groups do this, with a reduced entry charge, to give the performers an idea of how the audience will react.)
 A play reading in which members of a group read to each other does not count as a performance, but a play reading before an audience does.
5. Changes in Performance Requirements
 It is recognised that performance requirements may change during the planning of a production.
 It is the customer's responsibility to notify us if performance dates are changed.
6. Credit Shall be Given to the Authors
 The name(s) of the author(s) must be displayed on all forms of advertising and promotional material, including, but not limited to posters, programmes, hand bills and web sites.
 For material publicising public performances, the publisher and rights agent shall be credited in promotional material, using the words 'By arrangement with Lazy Bee Scripts'.
7. Videos of Professional Productions
 Videos of professional productions and videos for other purposes are not covered by these terms. Please contact Lazy Bee Scripts before making a video of a script for any other purpose.
 Members of the audience have no right to make videos of a performance. Such videos constitute an actionable breach of copyright. Enforcement of this prohibition is the responsibility of the production company.
8. Refunds
 Since there is no up-front performance rights fee, the need for refunds should never arise.

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