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Terms and Conditions for supply of Review Copies of Stage Scripts

Lazy Bee Scripts Review Copy Terms and Conditions
1. What we provide
 Review copies are single copies of the script in booklet format, intended to let you decide whether or not the script is suitable for your group. Review copies do not contain music. (Where music is supplied by Lazy Bee Scripts, it is only available with the producer's copy of the script which is part of the Master Set or Performance Set.)
2. Use of the script
 Review copies are provided for the purposes of review only. Possession of a review copy does not convey any rights to the public performance of the script, in whole or in part.
 Copying and distribution of the script, in whole or in part, by any means constitutes a breach of copyright (actionable in a court of law) and is forbidden. (Photocopying and performance licences may be obtained from Lazy Bee Scripts according to the scale of fees set out on the Lazy Bee Scripts web site.)
 You may quote from a review copy for academic or journalistic purposes, provided that you cite the source (script name, author and publisher) in your work.
3. Review Scripts are NOT Loan Copies
 Lazy Bee Scripts does NOT provide a 'Loan Service'
 A 'loan service' is provided by some publishers. Loan copies of their scripts are lent to customers a low cost - cheaper than buying. Lazy Bee Scripts does NOT do this. There are two reasons: the first is that loan copies are provided so that potential buyers can read a script that they have not seen before. Lazy Bee Scripts does not need to do this, as potential buyers can read the complete script on line before they buy a copy. The second reason is that loan copies/returns generally come back in a state in which they are unsalable. (Users fold pages, scribble marginal notes, and so on.) Therefore we do not provide a loans service. If you have bought a review copy of a script, you have paid for it, and you keep it.
4. Returns and Refunds
 If you buy a script by mistake, or if we send you the wrong script, you have the right to refund and/or replacement provided you notify Lazy Bee Scripts within 14 days of your order being accepted by us.
 If you wish to return a script and/or request a refund, please contact us before taking any other action. (For example, it is easier and cheaper for us to process a refund than if you cancel a transaction with your credit card company.) See our Contact page for contact details. Please quote your order number in any correspondence.

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