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eBooks & Audio Books
We have tried to categorise our eBooks and Audio Books.  There is some overlap between the categories and also some overlap between this and the theatrical paraphernalia category (because we're not always sure of the logical place for these things!)  Anyway, if you want to see the full list of eBooks and Audio books, look here.
  Otherwise, we can slice and dice in various ways...
eBooks in ePub and/or PDF format. (Most ebook readers can work with ePub files; those and most computers can display PDF.)
Audio Books
CDs and/or MP3 files.
This category covers conventional audio books (stories) and also some miscellaneous CDs that are neither books nor music, nor are they associated with a specific theatre show.

Major Categories

In our view, fiction is about telling stories.
Everything else is non-fiction, even if it's not true!
Everything else.
(See above.)

By Subject

Material concerned with drama in all its forms.  Includes the theatrical "how to" category and workshop material.
This includes CDs of spoof advertisements (to entertain a theatre foyer), comedy fiction and anything else that makes us laugh (and might have the same effect on you).
Puzzles and Games
The home of the famous "pantomime fun-packs" (pdf booklets of puzzles and games with fairytale themes for keeping kids amused - generally before and after shows or during intervals.)

By Consumer's Age

eBooks / Audio Books for Adults
Another wide-ranging category!
eBooks / Audio Books for Kids
eBooks and Audio Books likely to be of direct interest to children.  (this - obviously - covers a range of ages and not all material will interst all age-groups!)

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