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'Dance With The Devil' by David Pemberton - songs and additional information.

'Dance With The Devil' by David Pemberton
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The following songs are suggestions; other songs may be used at the discretion of the production. Performance rights for the script do not include rights for songs.
Song #Song
1Ballad - to the tune of Greensleeves (Traditional. Alternative lyrics by David Pemberton)
2The Minstrel Boy (Traditional. Alternative lyrics by David Pemberton)
3Over the Hills and Far Away (Traditional. Alternative lyrics by David Pemberton)
4Gilderoy (Traditional. Alternative lyrics by David Pemberton)
5The Court of Old Bailey - to the tune of The Streets of Laredo (Traditional. Alternative lyrics by David Pemberton)
6English Ladies - to the tune of Spanish Ladies (Traditional. Alternative lyrics by David Pemberton)
Period and Geography
Location: England. Time Period: 17th Century
Settings and Set Complexity
Number of Sets: 7
Setting: Dining Room, Prison Cells, Village, Street, Courtroom and A Room
Set Requirements: Backdrops/simple flats and Customised Furniture
The script includes characters in the following age range(s):
Unspecified ages
 Language Advisory:Help
Swearing rate: 1 rude word per thousand
We have identified the following types of language in the text:
Mild swearwords
Potential blasphemy
In addition to the text, the "Producer's Copy" of the Script includes the following:
A list of the required properties
A list of the suggested songs
A synopsis of the plot
Miscellaneous notes from the author
A full length restoration-style comedy with music.
When Charles II is restored to the crown in 1660, multitudes of aristocratic émigrés return from exile in Paris, bringing with them a lifestyle rich in a French flamboyance quite alien to the English Puritans. Lord Ascot agrees to take on a young French footman, Claude Duval, whose Gallic affectations and charms quickly catch the eye of Lady Ascot and her circle of friends. Unbeknown to his employers, Duval is a compulsive gambler with a penchant for committing robbery on the highway.


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