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'Stromboli the Puppet Master' by Richard Coleman - songs and additional information.

'Stromboli the Puppet Master' by Richard Coleman
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The following songs are suggestions; other songs may be used at the discretion of the production. Performance rights for the script do not include rights for songs.
Song #Song
1The Lonely Goatherd (Music: Richard Rodgers. From: The Sound of Music. Lyrics: Richard Coleman)
Period and Geography
Location: Germany. Time Period: Timeless
Settings and Set Complexity
Number of Sets: 7
Setting: Living Room, Prison Cells, Forest, Castle Interior, Castle Exterior, Village and 'Other Location'
Set Requirements: Backdrops/simple flats
The script includes characters in the following age range(s):
Unspecified ages
 Language Advisory:Help
We have not identified any instances of bad language in the text.
(However we are not omniscient. We therefore invite you to read the text on-line.)
In addition to the text, the "Producer's Copy" of the Script includes the following:
A list of the required properties
A list of the suggested songs
A synopsis of the plot
Costume notes
Magic, evil villains, jokes and a talking cat. An unconventional pantomime (without a doe-eyed heroine).
Geppetto makes Pinocchio, whom the Blue Fairy brings alive. Pinocchio is tricked into joining Stromboli's puppet show. He overhears Stromboli's plan to marry, then kill the Duchess Chloroform, so Stromboli must get rid of him. Pinocchio escapes, and Stromboli chases him into the wood, where the Weird Sisters protect him and get their revenge on Stromboli. Pinocchio, achieves his greatest wish to become a real boy. Everybody is happy - Hurrah!


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