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Guide to Getting Your Work Published
'Most playwrights go wrong on the fifth word. When you start a play and you type 'Act one, scene one,' your writing is every bit as good as Arthur Miller or Eugene O'Neill or anyone. It's that fifth word where amateurs start to go wrong.'
- Meredith Wilson
Our basic scope is "works for the stage"
We also do interactive Murder Mysteries, a small range of eBooks and a few other things
There are also some things we don't do!
How do I submit my play?
Lazy Bee Scripts is a publisher. (That means that we choose which scripts we publish, and we edit before publication.)
We have two submission processes:
Appraisal which is optional, but may be useful to you
Consideration for publication which takes longer.
If you want feedback about your script, then use the appraisal process.
Lazy Bee Scripts does not pay an advance to authors
Lazy Bee Scripts does not charge for publication (but we do charge for the optional appraisal process).
We pay Authors' royalties on the basis of sales.
Copyright is a declaration that someone (usually the author) be recognised as the owner of a work.
When we publish a work, we do so on behalf of the author. We declare the author's copyright and the author retains that right. For more details, see our Copyright guidance for authors
Do I need to format my script in a particular way to submit it to Lazy Bee Scripts?
To some extent, yes, but you need to ask that question at the right stage of the submission process (where you'll get a more sensible answer!)
If we agree to publish a work, then we will do so in our "House Style". (A set of formatting rules.)
We may ask the author to apply some elements of the House Style so that we can edit and prepare for publication with the minimum risk of introducing errors.
For more information, see our introduction to the House Style
Publishing Music
Works for the stage may incorporate music in a variety of forms.
Original Musicals (and musical plays) incorporate music written specifically for the show. When we publish such works, then we publish sheet music for the songs (at least in the form of a piano and vocal score).
Follow this link for information about submitting music for an original musical.
Juke Box Musicals incorporate songs from other sources.
Sometimes (particularly in British pantomimes), authors write new lyrics to well-known melodies.
If you are taking either of these approachs, we cannot publish music without the permission of the rights holder.
For more information see our Copyright guidance for authors

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