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'The King's New Clothes' by Peter Bond & Bob Heather - additional information.

'The King's New Clothes' by Peter Bond & Bob Heather
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Period and Geography
Location: a fictitious country. Time Period: Timeless
Settings and Set Complexity
Number of Sets: 5
Setting: Prison Cells, Forest, Castle Interior, Castle Exterior and Village
Set Requirements: Backdrops/simple flats
The script includes characters in the following age range(s):
Unspecified ages
 Language Advisory:Help
We have not identified any instances of bad language in the text.
(However we are not omniscient. We therefore invite you to read the text on-line.)
In addition to the text, the "Producer's Copy" of the Script includes the following:
A list of the required properties
Descriptions of the characters
Miscellaneous notes from the author
The Hans Christian Andersen story (of The Emperor's New Clothes) told for the stage as a traditional English Pantomime - lots of silly jokes and clowning.
Originally published in 2008, revised in 2012.
The King needs a new suit for his forthcoming marriage, and the royal tailors just can't cut it. The situation seems tailor-maid for the evil Barron Grumbleguts, who wishes to usurp the throne. He proposes a competition, and then engineers the humiliation of the king by means of an invisible suit. All comes right in the end, with the help of a deputy superintendent of vegetables, and Hercules, the performing flea!


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